Slack Communications is managed by Becky Slack and comprises a core staff and network of associates. The associate model allows us to complement an experienced and multi-talented
in-house team with the expertise of some of the best people in the business.

Our Team
Becky Slack

Managing Director / Founder

Becky’s passion for storytelling, commitment to justice and boundless energy are at the heart of all her work.

Our Team
Tom Collinge

Editorial and Public Affairs

Tom is a multi-talented writer, editor and public affairs expert who specialises in policy and social affairs.

Our Team
Holly Baxter

Associate journalist

Deputy editor of Independent Voices, Holly is also one of the founders of The Vagenda magazine and is a passionate speaker on women’s rights.

Our Team
Jon Bernstein

Associate digital strategist

Jon is an editor, journalist and writer who was named web editor of the year in 2011. He also knows his way around digital media.

Our Team
Olivia McGill

Associate Media and PR consultant

Olivia is a journalist and PR professional, who has travelled the world writing stories and working for charities.

Our Team
Catherine Arnold

Associate marketing & SEO consultant

Catherine is an experienced marketer with a winning smile and a talent for implementing and executing strategies.

Our Team
Hannah Fearn

Associate journalist & communications consultant

An experienced journalist with a keen interest in social affairs, Hannah’s work gives important issues and good causes a voice.

Our Team
Gemma Davidson

Associate PR consultant and media trainer

Gemma is a media and PR expert with a special talent for transforming reports into strong and compelling news stories.

Our Team
Lucy Bernstein

Associate strategic brand consultant

With extensive knowledge of the way in which brands and people work, Lucy uses her expertise to provide creative direction.

Our Team
Gabriella Jóźwiak

Associate journalist and PR consultant

Gaby is a multi-talented, award-winning, social affairs journalist and PR professional with an eye for detail.

Our Team
Henrik Pettersson

Associate graphic designer and brand consultant

Henrik is a senior graphics designer. He creates beautiful logos, magazine layouts and eye-catching infographics.

Our Team
Emily Foster

Associate editorialdesigner

Emily is a fantastic designer, producing high-quality magazines while brightening up a room with her friendly approach.

Our Team
Sophie Gerrard

Associate documentary & editorial photographer

Sophie is an award-winning photographer who tells moving stories using both stills and multimedia approaches.

Our Team

Associate creative and digital agency

Make is a creative agency that delivers branding and graphic design, web design and build, and digital marketing.

Our Team
Alexis L Wood

Associate documentary and film producer

Alexis is an excellent director and producer, commonly working on visual communications in the charity sector.

Our Team
Ruth Stokes

Associate journalist, sub-editor and author

Ruth is a superb writer, specialising in the environment, social issues and travel and is the author of The Armchair Activist’s Handbook.