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How do I increase my newsletter open-rate and click-through rate?

Do you send out a regular enewsletter because you’ve been told inbound marketing is the latest must-do, but find that not many people open it or click on the links?

The key to successful newsletters are enticing subject lines and engaging content. We design and manage enewsletters for clients and use them successfully for our business too. We offer consultancy, helping to overhaul a client’s operations and increase engagement (open rates, click-throughs and downloads) with their target audiences.

In addition, we run training workshops on mastering newsletter marketing, arming you with the knowledge that means you can do it yourself.

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Where can I find a writer to help me with an article or report?

Are you a busy editor or content manager who would like to tap into a pool of experienced journalists you can trust to deliver work that meets your brief, excites your readers and hits your deadlines?

Or maybe you work for a non-profit organisation that wants to translate complex subjects into fresh, readable reports and guides that grab the public’s attention?

Collectively, we’ve spent decades writing and editing for some of the UK’s best consumer and trade publications – including the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, Prospect, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Civil Society Media, Finance Focus, among others. We know what makes a headline-grabbing news story, a well-researched feature and a compelling interview, no matter who the audience.

We can write articles and edit supplements, practical guides and special reports for your publication or your organisations. We’ll take your ideas from notepad to printing press – offering editorial ingenuity and insight along the way.

And we can design and layout pages, and provide photography, illustrations and graphics to create visually appealing documents that people want to read.

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What content should my new website contain?

Are you about to embark on a web redesign project and know you will need lots of fresh copy for the site? Or perhaps you recognise you should be publishing blogs on a regular basis to attract new and repeat visitors but cannot find the time to deliver what’s needed?

We provide both web copywriting services and blog writing services. We understand that writing for digital is different – and we know how to deliver clean, engaging copy that follows a clear editorial proposition with your target audience at its heart.

And when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), we know our on-page from our off-page, and our long-tail keywords from our inbound links strategies.

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How do I write a communications strategy or conduct a communications audit?

An audit can help you identify which communications are working well for your organisation and which are not. They can be helpful for those people who have recently joined an organisation and want to find out where their efforts are best concentrated.

A communications strategy can help you create the brand consistency and targeted messaging that will enable you to reach key audiences and tap into new markets, and ensure that your organisation is on the right track to success.

We love to conduct communications audits and write strategy documents. We can help you get under the skin of your organisation, flesh out your plan and identify the best tools and techniques for you. We will also roll up our sleeves and help you put it into practice.

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How do I get the non-profit media interested in my organisation?

Are you well versed in the ways of marketing and PR but new to the world of non-profits? Do you need help identifying target non-profit media outlets and key influencers? Do you want someone to help you put together a non-profit media campaign that will get instant results?

We have a track record as a PR agency across all sectors, but have particular knowledge of the charity sector trade press – experience that spans two decades. We know everyone worth knowing and we understand the needs of every third sector media outlet worth approaching.

We can put a non-profit PR and media outreach programme together for you – across the calendar or for ad hoc events.

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How do I find someone to help me deliver my communications strategy?

Perhaps you’re a busy chief executive of a small business with limited resources? Or maybe you’re a director of fundraising and marketing for a growing charity? Either way, you know that communications is critical to your ongoing success but you never seem to find the time to give it the attention it deserves.

We can take some or all of your communications output off your hands without you ever needing to lose control. We’ll put together a communications plan that reflects your business needs – laying out campaign priorities, providing tactics to deal with unplanned events and setting exacting engagement and coverage targets.

We will give you a clear indication of the pricing and anticipated impact every step of the way so you’ll know exactly what value you are getting for your money.

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How do I get the PR results I need at short notice?

An event you are organising is just weeks away and you’re not sure the media is going to turn up. You’d like to hand over the stress and legwork to someone you can trust to deliver the names you need.

Or maybe you’re about to launch a new campaign or appeal and have forgotten to weave in the press strategy?

We know the media. We know the individuals to reach and the titles from around the world to target. We’ve been parachuted into event and campaign planning before, and delivered short-notice media outreach with great success. We’ll pick up the phone so you don’t have to.

– Read about how we helped Nobel Women’s Initiative at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, attended by Angelina Jolie and William Hague

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How do I get more followers on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook?

You know that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offers your organisation a useful means of communicating with customers and would-be customers – but you don’t know your hashtag from your retweet, your EdgeRank from your Showcase page.

We provide hands-on social media training that will allow you to create a social media strategy and how to master it too, whether as an irregular user, a sceptic, or a self-confessed luddite. By demystifying the technology we’ll show you how social networks can become effective communications tools.

Our trainers are practitioners – currently or previously running social media activities for brands, organisations and well-known media outlets. We think the great feedback from our past workshops speaks for itself.

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How can I tell my organisation’s story in a more compelling way?

Your organisation has a compelling story to tell – evidenced by the passionate people who work with you, the professional work they deliver and the difference they make.

Yet you are struggling to turn these compelling narratives into engaging content and can’t seem to differentiate your organisation from the crowd.

A good story has the power to cut through the clutter and move people to action. Our storytelling workshops cover print, digital and multimedia – we can teach you how to use words, photos, podcasts and videos to harness the power of your organisation’s stories for maximum impact.

We can also show you how to find your organisation’s unique voice, how to collect case studies and conduct interviews, and how to tell your stories on social media.

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How can I make sure my team has the writing, blogging, and other communications skills they need?

You run a small team of bright, hardworking and eager professionals. However, they lack writing experience and you are spending too much time reworking what they do. You’d like them to understand the fundamentals of writing, journalism and report writing, especially in the digital age.

Writing is a craft that can be perfected. Our day and half-day “Writing for the Web” workshops will provide the building blocks your staff need to master the craft. We’ll get them to write headlines, news stories, blog posts and social media “sells” – and we’ll rate them and advise them how to improve every step of the way.

Our workshops are lively and hands-on and those who attend leave newly enthused and eager to put their learning into practice.

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