Client: Trinity Community Arts | Services: Comms strategy

A new communications strategy has helped Trinity Community Arts raise its profile across Bristol

Executive summary

Slack Communications developed a communications strategy that aimed to raise this community arts organisation’s profile across Bristol and beyond.

Challenges and objectives

Trinity Community Arts provides a progressive programme of live music and creative activities, as well as space for individuals to follow their passions and flexible facilities to suit any event or activity.

Based in The Trinity Centre, this much-loved historic landmark is a cultural hub for the city, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together – connecting communities and developing people’s skills through the arts.

As a key arts provider, it stages live music events and performances, contributing to urban regeneration and attracting audiences from Bristol and beyond.

Trinity faced a number of key challenges with regards how it communicated to its target audiences: not many people recognised the organisation as a charity; few knew about the breadth of community services it offered; and while emphasising that it was more than just a place to hold gigs it was also important that the strategy strengthened its reputation as a leading music venue in the Bristol area.

How we helped

Slack Communications conducted a number of exercises to develop the new communications strategy for Trinity Community Arts. These included reviewing its current output against its objectives, meeting with the team to understand them, the way in which they work and the challenges and opportunities they face, and desk-based research.

From this we developed a communications strategy that included refined key messages, and recommendations for best use of promotional tools, such as the charity’s website, social media channels and local media networks.

At the same time we were working on this, the FSI had been commissioned to support Trinity with their fundraising strategy. We therefore worked closely with the FSI to ensure that our strategy complemented the advice and support they were providing.

The results

The communications strategy aimed to complement the Fundraising Strategy provided by FSI and identifies routes to increase people’s knowledge of the organisation as a charity, including suggestions for the ways in which Trinity can take advantage of different tools (ie PR, social media and marketing).

The strategy has been written in a way that will enable the team, within existing capacity, to implement key actions in accordance with an agreed schedule from January 2015.

What the client says

“Trinity Community Arts received a Catalyst grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2014 to help us increase the organisation’s capacity and strengthen our Board and staff trough professional collaborations with consultants and training, creating a greater pool for advocacy for the organisation. Through this grant we were able to work closely with Slack Communications, identifying ways to promote and engage new members and supporters (Friends of Trinity) but also developing our marketing and communications strategies and our community outreach approach.

“We are now working trough the provided timeline and trying to hit the initial targets suggested in the strategy. We are also focusing on our membership scheme and have been designing templates (press, newsletter, posters) to be able to reflect consistency as an organisation. Our first hard copy newsletter for Spring-Summer 2015 has taken in to consideration all the recommendations.

“The staff has embraced the strategy and they are now all collecting Case Studies related to their post/work. We hope that this will allow us to capture the wide experience of Trinity from all our service users and use it as evidence of work and aims.”