Client: Nerve | Services: Research; copy writing

Using Slack Communications’ research and interviewing skills, this brand consultancy was able to glean the information it needed for an important creative project

Client: Nerve
Client: Nerve
Executive summary

Slack Communications supported this brand consultancy with market research, insight and copy writing for clients including the Royal Voluntary Service.

Challenges and objectives

Nerve is a brand consultancy that believes that today’s brand owners need to look beyond conventional insight methods to find breakthrough solutions that will truly add brand and business value.

Its philosophy is “If you ask the same old questions to the same old people, you’ll get the same old answers”.

The team at Nerve has developed a unique and bespoke co-creation process called Nerve Networks. They bring together brilliant brains from relevant, lateral worlds to help solve familiar brand and business challenges. These individuals could be bloggers, journalists, academics, psychologists, futurologists, comedians, cabbies, celebrities, staff, stakeholders – both advocates or rejecters. The insight from these conversations then acts as a compass for the new brand strategy.

Nerve needed an experienced researcher and interviewer to help them conduct nerve networks for key clients, including the Royal Voluntary Service for which it was working on a major rebrand. It also needed insight into particular market opportunities.

How we helped

In the early days of our relationship, Slack Communications provided nerve with a report looking at the potential opportunities within the specialist market that was of interest to them.

We subsequently worked with them on the Royal Voluntary Service rebrand. Our main role was to conduct the nerve networks, interviewing a range of high profile figures, industry experts and ordinary people on the street.

We also wrote key presentations and documents that explained the reasons for the rebrand and the value the new identity would offer the charity.

The results

Our expertise in interviewing helped glean very useful insight from the networks that nerve was then able to translate into the new identity for Royal Voluntary Service.

Our presentations and documents were used to communicate the need for the new brand, ensuring buy-in from important internal and external audiences.

What the client says

Nerve Networks sit right at the heart of what Nerve do. Done well, it is a powerful insight gathering tool. As such we are extremely particular and demanding of any partners we involve in the process. Slack communications is generally our first choice – the combination of journalistic inquisitiveness, PR diplomacy and a natural ability to network has always delivered the different and exciting insights our clients are looking for.